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We offer first-class services to women in all periods of life in a pleasant and intimate environment. Because every woman is unique, we tailor our approach to her needs.

At our clinic visits are not unpleasant because we build on trust and respect.

Outpatient clinic Petra Meglič, MD spec.

We are a well-versed and kind team. Since we both perceive our work as a calling you will feel at ease and safe in our care.

Petra Meglič, MD spec.
Since I was ten years old, I have known I wanted to be a gynecologist. I don’t know why, but that’s just how it was. Therefore, the path of my schooling had been laid out very clearly. It started at Bežigrad high school and continued at the Medical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, where I graduated in 1996. During my time in medical school, I undertook a student exchange to Ukraine and Russia. After the final year, I traveled to Zambia, where my colleagues and I were further educated in the University Medical Center of Lusaka and then continued working in missionary hospitals.
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Marija Mezeg – nurse
The desire to work with people has started to grow within me in elementary school. Later I decided to study midwifery at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. During my studies, I gained valuable experience as I spent most of my time in the delivery room. I dedicated a good amount of my time working with women throughout their pregnancy and the postpartum period.
For the past few years, the focus of my work was on the comprehensive care of pregnant women. Besides the work in the outpatient clinic, I write articles for mothers-to-be and conduct online classes on preparation for childbirth. I practice this profession I feel a great deal of love for with joy, empathy, and gratitude. I believe I was born to be a midwife.

Petra Meglič, MD spec.

Self-pay outpatient clinic

041 480 900 petra@ginekologijameglic.si

Concession outpatient clinic

01 439 49 10 ambulanta@ginekologijameglic.si

Outpatient clinic Assist. Prof. Leon Meglič, MD, PhD spec.

The services offered by the outpatient clinic are paid by the patient. A well-versed team of a gynecologist and midwife has been working together for 25 years. In addition to regular gynecological examinations, our fields of special expertise are changes of the cervix and external genitals (colposcopy), disfunction of the pelvic floor (urine incontinence, cystocele, rectocele) and tumorous changes of the uterus and uterine appendages (myomas, cysts, polyps).
We offer second opinions on all types of gynecological conditions.
The most common laser procedures are: treatment of urine incontinence, vaginal hyperlaxity, vaginal wall prolapse and vaginal atrophy. We can also remove condyloma and other growths as well as treat lichen of the vagina.
We perform esthetic procedures and various corrections of the outer genitals and vagina.

Assist. Prof. Leon Meglič, MD, PhD spec.
After finishing high school and serving in the military I got accepted to the Faculty of Medicine of University of Ljubljana, graduating in 1992.
Immediately after I was able to start working at the Gynecology clinic of the University Medical Center Ljubljana.
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Vida Jelenc – midwife
I am a medical nurse-midwife. I respond to women’s problems in a kind and understanding way and can provide advice or arrange swift access to a specialist. I have been practicing my profession with joy for almost 40 years and can therefore say that I understand women and their world.
Doc. Dr. Leon Meglič and I have cooperated for the last 25 years and are a well-versed team. There isn’t a problem we couldn’t solve together.

Assist. Prof. Leon Meglič, MD, PhD spec.

Self-pay outpatient clinic

041 480 910 leon@ginekologijameglic.si


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