The concession clinic will be closed from 21 to 25 February 2022 due to leave.
During this time we have arranged replacement for emergencies:
– outpatient clinic of Gynecology  Jerman (01 439 26 50)
– outpatient clinic Barbara Rojnik (01 439 69 20)

Both clinics are located at Metelkova 15.

In emergencies, when care is needed immediately or on the same day, go to the emergency room of the University Medical Center Ljubljana. Pregnant women after the 20th week of pregnancy should go to the Maternity Hospital where you will give birth.

Concession Outpatient Clinic

The municipality of Ljubljana awarded concession to Petra Meglič, MD in 2019. The team includes Marija Mezeg, midwife.
The outpatient clinic is currently at full capacity. Therefore, we are not accepting new patients.
When the doctor is absent, they are substituted by either Barbara Rojnik, MD, or Katarina Galič Jerman, MD. Both have their outpatient clinics at 15 Metelkova street, Ljubljana.

Working hours:
Mon: 12.00- 18.30
Tue:  13.00- 20.00
Wed: 7.30- 14.00
Thu: 7.30- 14.00
Fri: 7.30-  13.30

Contact information:
T: 01 439 49 10

Because of an abundance of phone calls and work we are unable to accept all incoming calls. Please send us an e-mail message and we will respond by the end of the day.


  • Prescriptions are issued in the afternoon until 6 p.m. or until 1 p.m. depending on the working hours of the day.
  • Wearing a face mask and disinfecting your hands is obligatory.
  • During an ultrasound examination, the patient may be accompanied by a healthy partner if they meet the PCT criteria (one of the following: past COVID19 disease, full COVID19 vaccination, recent negative COVID19 test). The documents required are checked by the nurse before entering the clinic.