Petra Meglič, MD spec.

self-pay and concession outpatient clinic

Since I was ten years old, I have known I wanted to be a gynecologist. I don’t know why, but that’s just how it was. Therefore, the path of my schooling had been laid out very clearly. It started at Bežigrad high school and continued at the Medical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, where I graduated in 1996. During my time in medical school, I undertook a student exchange to Ukraine and Russia. After the final year, I traveled to Zambia, where my colleagues and I were further educated in the University Medical Center of Lusaka and then continued working in missionary hospitals.
I finished my residency program in OB-GYN cum laude in 2003. Until 2019, I was working as the head of the Gynecology Department at the Community Health Centre Domžale with part-time employment in the Gynecology Department at the University Medical Center Ljubljana.

I have and continue to educate myself at home and abroad as a lecturer or attendee of conferences and symposiums. I cooperate with clinics, institutes, and colleagues of every specialty.
In 2019 I decided to start my own journey as I felt it was time for a change and new challenges. This type of practice enables a higher level of adaptability to the demands of the times and the wishes of women.

My husband and I have five children in the sense of “mine- yours – ours”. They have each, in their own way, enriched our lives and changed the way we see the world. I dare say that as a woman and mother, who is at the same time a specialist for women’s health, I have an expansive and tolerant view of the world and the woman.

The work I do is in fact a calling and demands full commitment day in day out. And I don’t mind it.