Assist. Prof. Leon Meglič, MD, PhD spec.

self-pay outpatient clinic

To help others was my moto since early childhood. Injured birds, abandoned cats and beetles with missing limbs could all find a shelter with me. I was happy to clean and bandage wounds and scratches my friends from the street sustained during our mischief. Once I started elementary school, I already wanted to become a doctor. When in 7th grade I first witnessed a cat giving birth I already knew I was going to be an OB-GYN.

And so, after finishing high school and serving in the military I got accepted to the Faculty of Medicine of University of Ljubljana, graduating in 1992.
Immediately after I was able to start working at the Gynecology clinic of the University Medical Center Ljubljana. There I finished my masters in 1995 and my specialization in OB-GYN in 1998. After that I was employed at the Department of Gynecology. In 2000 I successfully defended my PhD dissertation.

However, this was not the end of my education, as I furthered my knowledge abroad in the US, Canada, France and Norway. The focus of my expertise and work was and has remained advanced gynecological oncological surgery and HPV-associated diseases. I am fully employed as the head of Gynecology in the University Medical center Ljubljana.
I have been elected to the position of docent at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Ljubljana, where I teach two subjects – Emergency Medical Treatment and, of course, Gynecology and Obstetrics.
I authored and co-authored multiple articles published in reputable medical journals abroad. I have written chapters in textbooks, as well as other professional medical publications.
I am an active member of most of professional associations in Slovenia and I lecture at several medical congresses at home and abroad.

And despite everything listed I find that work in our outpatient clinic completes me. I see now I have more than enough time to focus on our patients and with that rebuild the trust in the patient-doctor relationship. With this trust every therapeutic intervention becomes less daunting and more effective.